Alternative Options to Consider When Your Short-Term Job Ends

Your current contract is coming to an end. Do you have alternative jobs to transfer to? It’s okay to believe that things will turn up, but what if they won’t? The best solution is to start developing several options and have them available by a specific date. This is to ensure that you will have multiple choices in case you fail in securing a job.

If you are working on a contract-based job, obviously, you have a lot of options. You just need to find the job that fits with your skill set. Your coworkers may already have one right after their contract ends. But what about you?

Why do you need to have multiple career options?

Given that the job market is tough, it is necessary to say that you need to broaden your horizons. Compared to having a long-term contract, which suggests that you don’t need to have a long list of options, working with short term jobs is a different case as you need to have the eye for new jobs always.

Careers work like a long and cumbersome journey. You may not know what’s out there, but you know your starting line and where you want to go. There may be detours that you need to take, but eventually, your path will become clear along the way. So, if you haven’t settled on your options, make it your top priority.

What are your options once your contract with short term jobs ends?

Get another short-term contract. Have you been working with companies for short contract work? This may mean that you are more comfortable working in this manner. This option is considered a great way for you to make money as you still have your freedom. However, such contracts end quickly, making it hard to find another job sometimes.

Get hired in a long-term company. Got tired of looking for work? Find traditional five to nine jobs from a lot of different companies depending on your chosen field. If you have an accounting degree, you are the right person for a company that is in need of someone to do their taxes.

Give a different profession a shot. Felt like your current work is getting stagnant? Try moving to a different environment. It doesn’t have to be a new company, but you can ask your short-term contract employer to put you in a different role.

Stay for more months. If you like where you are working now, why not stay longer? You can talk to your HR manager about extending your contract.

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Published by: Admin Officer on Jan 16, 2019