Alternative Options to Finding Jobs in Australia

In most countries, unemployment rates have spiked with many people not working and still looking for a new job. If you happen to belong in this group but want to find work, show some initiative and try to think outside the box to find a company that is currently looking for additional staff. Newspapers have been an excellent source for decent jobs that are worth applying for, but know that there are alternative options for you to consider that attract fewer applicants, increasing your chances of landing an interview.

Let’s look at the few alternative ways to find jobs


The internet is still an invaluable tool. There are reliable and trusted sites where you can start searching for job vacancies. Using Google is a good method that you can use to find jobs near your area. Enter the job you want together with the location into Google, and you will be given hundreds of results. Through this method, you may come across jobs on websites that you may not otherwise find at job fairs. Also, with Google, you will be able to find sites that only advertise job posts on their main websites. You can also try changing search terms to see if there are new options you previously couldn’t find.

Local Newspapers

You can check the business section of your local newspapers if you are looking for any local firms, especially those that have acquired lucrative deals or new contracts. It may mean that they are in need of additional staff. Contact them and mention that you’ve been observing them, and you just wanted to know about any job vacancies available. Introduce yourself to them, and explain how you can be useful to their expansion. Let them know about your willingness to do the work, and show them you have initiative, as these are usually viewed favourably by most potential employers.

Local Job Centres

Before you finally submit your CV to any potential employer, try visiting your local job centre to see if they have a career counsellor you can talk to. With them, you can get honest advice and tips on how you can best present your CV. Such services are often free. Do this first, as CVs have to make an instant good impression to recruiters, given that decisions are often made in the first few seconds.


Before showing up to any company interview, get to know them first. Ensure that you have understood their industry, their services, and the problems they encounter. This is for you to appear like you are a well-rounded individual who has a huge interest in the work.

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Published by: Admin Officer on Apr 3, 2019