Factors that Influence the Success of a Job Application

Admin Officer Nov 14, 2018

Have you been job seeking for a while now? It’s ironic how employers still report struggles in filling positions due to the shortage of talents, but still, you are not hired for a job. With this, you can’t help but wonder why it is hard to find a work when employers are actually in need of new employees. Typicall y, there are three factors that are at play as to why it is hard on your part to land a job. Have a look at them below. Your application and job search practices are ...

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Essential Tips to Move from Probationary To Regular Employee

Admin Officer Oct 24, 2018

Every employee’s dream is to find jobs and become a regular worker from being a probationary worker to reap all of the company’s benefits. Before your regularisation is approved, you will need to work in the company for three to six months. However, the regularisation also depends on your performance within that period. Here are some essentials to consider when you want to become a regular employee. Come to Work on Time Being punctual is one of the most important factors to ...

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