Effective Ways to Search Jobs Online

It pays to stay current on the latest search tactics and tools when searching for a job online. Learning how to make use of them will help job seekers boost their chances of getting interviews. So, what are these effective ways to successfully do an online job search?

Make a connection

If you find an ad that lists a hiring contact, research the background of that person. You might have a special connection with him or her like you came from the same college or belonged to the same organisation. If you know the person, you can try to reach out personally.

If the name of a recruiter is stated in a job ad, visit LinkedIn and find out if you are connected with him or her already.

Find your niche

Focus on sites that list job openings exclusive in your field of interest. Let’s say you are working in the wine industry, review sites that list jobs at distributors, bottlers, wineries, wholesalers, and other related employers. Or if you have planned on getting high paying jobs, search for sites that only advertise jobs paying above your expected minimum salary.

Publish your resume

In addition to reviewing ads, consider uploading your resume on job boards. Know that when hiring managers search for candidates, their first stop is the resume databases. But before you decide on submitting your resume, check the site’s privacy policy to make sure that your information will be collected securely.

If you are currently employed, ask about the option to post your resume anonymously so that your current boss won’t be able to find out that you are job hunting.

Make a candidate profile

There are career pages of employers that invite viewers to fill out candidate profiles, asking for information regarding their job interests and salary requirements. Once a position opens up and matches your profile, you will get notified through email or directly contacted by the hiring manager.

Register for job alerts

For you to get notified on new postings that meet your criteria, register on job boards to receive emails. Most of these sites allow you to select how frequent you’ll be getting email alerts. Make sure that what you have subscribed are from niche job sites.

Make use of filters

There are job boards that offer filter tools to help users refine what they are searching. Filters are search categories that show the number of job postings. Sometimes, subcategories exist to help you save time from searching.

These are just some of the many ways to do an online job search. If you think we missed to include a way or two, let us know in the comments below.

Published by: Admin Officer on Dec 22, 2018