Essential Tips to Move from Probationary To Regular Employee

Every employee’s dream is to find jobs and become a regular worker from being a probationary worker to reap all of the company’s benefits.

Before your regularisation is approved, you will need to work in the company for three to six months. However, the regularisation also depends on your performance within that period. Here are some essentials to consider when you want to become a regular employee.

Come to Work on Time

Being punctual is one of the most important factors to consider when aiming for regularisation. Make sure that you come to your work as early as possible and maintain your reputation as a punctual employee.

Always Dress Professionally

It’s important for a probationary employee to look presentable and professional. Whether you wear your company uniform or not, you should always look neat and clean. You should come to work professionally to get positive feedback.

Prepare to Adjust

Be ready to adjust to the different personalities in the office. You can’t please everyone, and you need to consider going with the flow to avoid any conflicts within your workplace. Always maintain a positive attitude and stay out of trouble from people who can hinder you from becoming a regular worker.

Take Initiatives

As a new employee, you should exceed your manager’s expectations. Finish your tasks as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Do not be afraid to ask for more tasks if you have more free time. With that said, you must always be ready to take new tasks and learn new things.

Be Open minded

Expect to encounter a different environment compared to your former company. There might be different personalities that could be in conflict with yours. Be open and don’t take things personally. Always show your professionalism first, and deliver good performance on your work.

Observe Office Rules

This is a basic reminder for new employees. During your signing, you’ll be reminded of the house rules, and you need to obey these. If using a phone during work is not allowed, then switch your phone to silent mode to avoid any issues.

With these steps, it should help you in becoming a regular employee. Be sure to maintain good work ethics as you will be graded and evaluated by your performance during your probationary period. Your probationary months may seem like it takes a long time to complete but once you start working, you won’t even notice you’re nearing regularisation.

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Published by: Admin Officer on Oct 24, 2018