Factors that Influence the Success of a Job Application

Have you been job seeking for a while now? It’s ironic how employers still report struggles in filling positions due to the shortage of talents, but still, you are not hired for a job. With this, you can’t help but wonder why it is hard to find a work when employers are actually in need of new employees.

Typically, there are three factors that are at play as to why it is hard on your part to land a job. Have a look at them below.

Your application and job search practices are ineffective

Submitting a resume online through a website may seem not that hard. However, it does not guarantee callbacks. Looking for a job is a very complicated process as it requires many factors for one to land on the right one.

Acquiring job searching skills are not taught in schools. While there are centres that run training and workshops that deal with interviewing and resume writing, there’s more to the job hunting that is not attended to.

What you need to do is to be educated. Look for books and career blogs or career resources meant for job seekers like you.

Your skills are not suitable in the industry you are applying

In order for you to land a job within a particular industry, you have to reposition how your existing skills are related to the job. This ensures that you will be working on the job you are excellent at doing.

Another scenario is that you have to relocate or take training to qualify for the position you want. Building new skills is never a bad idea.

Knowing where your skills are in-demand is significant when applying for a job. You can refer to websites that produce lists of the most sought-after jobs. There are other sources that will help you find jobs that are popular in different parts of the country.

You find it difficult to get the attention of hiring managers

Modifying a resume and then have it submitted to job openings are easy to do. The real challenge is how to stand out from the many applications. What has been the usual advice is to consider networking.

Hiring managers may not be able to have all the time to go through all the applications. What they do is put effort in spreading the word about their job opening to their network and then look at the referrals they acquire. This eliminates the work for checking into all of the submitted resumes and reduces the worry of hiring someone who may or may not be qualified for the position.

Networking increases your chances of landing a job, especially if you carry out the proper strategies to find jobs.

Published by: Admin Officer on Nov 14, 2018