How to make a good first impression as a temp

If you’re working at a temporary job, you might only have a few days or couple of weeks to create a great first impression. When you’re working in temporary staffing, first impressions are vital, especially if you want to impress the boss and have a chance of being offered more work or a permanent position.

Work hard from day 1 - You need to consider that doors this temp role can open so work hard from the time you start. Don’t be slack because ‘it’s just a temp role’. Bring you’re A game as just may lead to a permanent opportunity at best or a positive review at worst (which is a great thing).

Be proactive about introducing yourself -  Say hello in the elevator, kitchen, halls, et cetera. In many offices, the other employees might not have the time to seek you out but will appreciate you making yourself known.

Get organized - Make sure your temp agency has given you the details or where you need to be and at what time, ahead of time. You’re going to be receiving a lot of new information on several different fronts. If you establish good habits and get organized from the beginning, you’ll make not only your own life easier but those of your supervisors and co-workers.

Dress the part - Make sure your temp employment firm has communicated to you ahead of time what kind of attire is appropriate for the environment you’ll be in.

Take notes – write down instructions so you can refer back to them as you will potentially annoy people by asking the same questions over and over. 

Live by the office rules and regulations - Make sure you have full information about policies such lunch breaks, office hours and safety guidelines. You may think you can ignore these policies because you’re simply a temp. But doing so will leave behind a bad impression on your supervisor.

Give notice if you’ll be late or absent - Give your temp agency as much notice as possible if you know you’ll be late or absent on certain days. If there’s an unexpected issue, such as an illness, notify your employment firm immediately so they can provide a fill-in for the day. It is common courtesy and will also ensure you don’t leave them a negative impression of you.

Creating a first impression in your temp role is not hard, it just takes some time & effort which will be well rewarded. Mindset and attitude are important to always be positive and see the difference it makes to your job opportunities but also in how it makes you feel as a person.

Published by: Admin Officer on Feb 14, 2018