How to Positively Address Short-term Jobs to Interviewers

What employers usually do when scanning the resume of a candidate is to examine the job history and review the length of time spent at each of the listed positions. Given that the average job tenure is four years, if found that your resume includes a series of jobs that only lasted less than a year, employers will think that you are an uncommitted job seeker. This will cause you trouble as it will make a bad impact on your job hunting.

Learn that there are ways of turning your negative job history into a positive one. Consider the following:

Provide reasonable explanations for leaving

Candidates who can voluntarily explain reasons for short term jobs sensibly are most appreciated by interviewers. It would be best that you will speak honestly and sincerely.

Some of the tolerable reasons for leaving a job include company downsizing or relocation, personal health conditions, having to take care of a parent or child, or needing for more job satisfaction. If due to termination is the case, reason must be provided including the solution of overcoming it.

Think positive

Even if you had disagreements with your former employers, speak of them in positive terms. Your prospective employers will regard you as an employee that lacks loyalty making you ineligible for the position you are applying. Emphasise the positive details of the jobs and companies you have worked in the past.

Centre on benefits

Have your explanations clearly expressed and move on to discussing the benefits of having experiences in short-term jobs. You can also include the accomplishments you achieved before you departed from the job. Name the projects you were able to complete and any innovative contributions you gave to the company that they have implemented to improve their work process.

Single out relevant skills

Divert the focus of your interviewer by pointing to the knowledge and skills you have acquired from the short terms jobs you applied before. Elaborate how relevant they are to the position you are currently applying for. Include the benefits of obtaining them such as the budget and time to be spent for initial training and orientation will be reduced, and many more.

If the short term jobs in your resume make it hard for you to convince your interviewer, show that you have the desire to work for the company for a long time. It helps if you mention the possible contributions you will be able to give to the company within a considerable length of time.

Published by: Admin Officer on Nov 22, 2018