Reasons Why Most People Prefer to Have Short Term Jobs

If you are looking for a job but can’t commit to more extended work contracts, temporary jobs are for you. The benefits received by short term and long term jobs are the same. That is because of the law that the government implements that is called the Fair Work Act, where all types of employees will receive primary benefits such as:

Salary – The Fair Work Ombudsman site shows the different kind of wages approved by the government, ranging from diverse work categories.

Annual and sick leaves – an equal number of approved yearly leaves including sick leaves.

Paid holiday leaves – legal holidays announced by the government or the employer.

Parental leaves – maternity, paternity, and adoption leaves are available for those who are expecting.

There is a plethora of short term job offers in Queensland alone. Most temporary jobs available are related to food, security, and the service industry. This type of industries is a good candidate for a short term contract.

Here are the following reasons why most people prefer short term jobs:


The application process is quick and hassle-free. No need for longer document processes in applying for the job, as long as you have the requirements the employer needs, then you are good to go.

On The Spot

Most short term jobs hire on the spot, so you don’t have to wait and worry if the position has accepted you or not.


Shorter work contracts for people who have other responsibilities like schooling or home duties can easily exit the job when their term comes to an end. Students who need part-time jobs can also apply.

Office Affiliations

You don’t have to worry about long term relationship with your co-workers. Leaving a job can be a sad circumstance, but on a good note, you will also bring the experience and learnings you have in the next job offer.

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Published by: Admin Officer on Jul 5, 2019