The Pros and Cons of Using Job Search Websites

Do you frequently search online for vacant jobs? How was your experience as an online user? Does your chosen search engine provide you with the jobs you are specifically looking for? Did it help you land on one? Know that there are many pros and cons in online job search websites. Let’s tackle them in detail.

Pros of job search websites

Numerous job postings. There are more jobs being posted in online job search sites than local job boards or local newspapers. This is why many jobseekers prefer looking for opportunities online. But if you are wondering why such websites get many job posts, know that they gather them from newspapers, job boards, and company employers who post job positions on the website themselves.

Convenience. Searching for jobs online is so easy that you can just sit at home, browsing through job postings. Not only does this save time but also money, of which both are necessities for most people who are looking for a job.

Another thing that makes job searching online convenient is that whenever you have already found the job you really want, you can apply for it right away just by filling out a job application online or submit your resume to the employer. One great thing about this is that you can apply for hundreds of jobs, increasing your chances of landing the job you want. This results in an increase in production and boost of confidence towards the job.

Cons of online job search websites

Consumes employers time. Due to the available job positions being published on job search websites, employers who posted them find it difficult to screen each and every one of the thousands of resumes and job applications. Employers are likely to spend much time finding the right candidate from the sea of applications, given that not all who have applied qualify for the job. Today, there are many advanced software programs that help employers sort through job applications to identify those who are qualified for the job and those who are not.

Competition. The first disadvantage of job search websites pertains to the struggles of employers. However, employers are not an exemption, with you as an example. The usual case is that it’s not only you who will be applying for a specific job but thousands of unemployed individuals. This is the competition you will be facing.

Membership fees. Lastly, online job search websites require you to pay for charges before you can become a member. Know that there are other sites that are actually free of charge, you just have to look for them.

How about you? What do you think are the pros and cons of online job search websites?

Published by: Admin Officer on Feb 27, 2019