Top Online Crash Courses that Can Easily Help You Find a Job

Do you want to have a technical certificate but don’t have time to finish a four-year college course? To find a job that doesn’t need a degree certificate? Then enrolling for a vocational/crash course might be a good idea for you. Crash courses offer certifications that can be acquired in a shorter period, depending on the modules and descriptions of a specific desired course. There are a few crash courses offered throughout the Coast; some classes can be enrolled and taken online, which makes it easier for those who have other responsibilities at the time.

According to Wikipedia, in calendar year 2015, there were 7.4 million visitor arrivals. Tourism employed 580,800 people in Australia in 2014-15, 5% of the workforce. About 43.7% of persons employed in tourism were part-time. Tourism also contributed 8.0% of Australia's total export earnings in 2010-11.

Despite the global economic decline, tourism in Australia has progressed; people from all over the world are inclined to travelling, making the Gold Coast one of the top destinations.

Here is a list of top online crash courses related to tourism and leisure:

Travel and Tourism – graduates of this course can work in domestic and international airline services; as cabin crew, flight attendant. As travel coach, travel tour coordinators and tour guide agents.

Hospitality and Hotel Management – graduates of this course, can find work as Hospitality Entrepreneurs; staff in the hospitality service such as in hotels, bars and service crews. As Housekeeping Supervisors, Public Relations Officers, Restaurant Supervisors and Managers.

Event Management – career prospects for graduates of this course are Wedding and Party Planners, Event Management Consultant, Press Release Officer.

Catering and cooking – whether you are starting your own business in the food industry or apply in a restaurant, this course offers many job opportunities due to the growing population of the food industry. Graduates of this course can also apply as kitchen crew, bar attendant, junior chef, food catering service crew.

Beauty Therapy, Makeup, Hairdressing – According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook (2010-11 edition), employment in the beauty therapy industry is set to grow by 20% in the coming years. Graduates of this course can work as beauticians/makeup artist, hair and nail care specialist personal assistant, salon and spa crew.

Although acquiring a certificate is not a guarantee for a person to find a job and be accepted immediately, one must also be eager and hardworking to learn through experiences, practices, and skill training; nor does it guarantee you to be on the top position in a company and receive a higher monthly salary.

Published by: Admin Officer on Jun 13, 2019