Top Reasons Why Your Employees Quit Their Jobs

Employees have many reasons why they quit their job. They might be stressed, tired, want to stay home with their children, go back to school, or simply change careers. Employers sometimes find it difficult to address these reasons as various life events happen in each employee’s life. Engaging in an online job search is also a sign of an employee quitting their job.

Here are the top reasons why employees resign from their jobs:

Conflict with a boss. An employee doesn’t need to be best friends with their boss but they need to have a good relationship. The boss spends time in meetings, provides direction and feedback, and connects every employee to larger organisations. Having a toxic relationship with an employee will affect their engagement, commitment, and confidence.

Relationship with co-workers. The co-workers with whom an employee interacts, sits beside, and engages in team activities are critical factors of an employee’s environment. Having a best friend at work will help increase the happiness and satisfaction in their jobs. Good relationships with co-workers will help retain good employees.

Bored and unchallenged by the work. No employee wants to be unchallenged and bored in their job. An employer needs to help an employee to find passion in their work. Every employee comes to work not only to earn money but also to enjoy learning and developing their skills. Since sometimes they spend more days working than being together with their family, they need to be happy at work.

Opportunities. When employees use their skills on the job, they will feel a sense of accomplishment, self-confidence, and pride. They want to participate in work activities where they can show and develop their skills even further. They also want to grow and when they feel that they can’t do it in their current job, they’ll find another company who can do it for them.

Overall corporate culture. The overall culture of a company will make a difference for employees. A company should constantly appreciate employees, treat them with respect, provide reasonable compensation, and good benefits and perks. Employees will appreciate a workplace with a trusted environment, transparent communication, approachable and respected executives and clear direction. The type of culture in an organisation will determine if an employee will stay or leave.

If you recognise these factors in your organisation, you will be able to anticipate if your employees are happy or not. It will help reduce turnover and retain the most wanted and talented employees. A good company will help their employees feel satisfied with their jobs and will not decide to engage in online job search and quit.

Published by: Admin Officer on Nov 28, 2018