What to Include in Your Short Term Adventure Job Resume

Short-term adventure jobs are sometimes preferred by fresh college graduates, retirees, and other individuals who are making a career transition for them to develop their interests, find more opportunities, explore the world, and meet people with whom they can share their expertise. You can find a job harvesting apples in paradise, helping others through humanitarian projects, or strumming a guitar under the stars as a camp leader anywhere around the globe. But know that applying for one of these mentioned non-traditional short term jobs still entails a resume that contains your background, experience, and skills which will make you suited for your chosen job.

Past Experiences

If you are still attending school and don’t have much work to add to your resume, use every relevant experience you had in the past. You can include your experience in being a leader of a study group at school activities, where you were able to teach other students skills. Or volunteer works you had within the community where you were able to show your heart for helping others, and many other opportunities. Make sure you include all of your relevant past experiences, even if they are not exactly in line with your chosen career track.

Categorised Resume

To create a comprehensive resume, list all of your skills by category and not by chronological order. Through this, you are able to focus on adding what you can really do and that are relevant to your potential employer. Consider having a “Skills” portion where you can list your communication skills like when you submitted material to your school’s publication or given speeches at campaigns, or “Achievements” to list your awards and certificates you’ve acquired. You can also include the outdoor activities you’ve participated in, and the outdoor skills you’ve gained.

Mission Statement

Considered an important part in resumes, add a mission statement or objective under your name and contact details. Having this will let your future employer know what your focus is.

For you to find a short-term adventure job, start with volunteering in your first year and do an outstanding job to show your prospective employers that you are committed to doing your job. Just make sure that your resume is up-to-date, especially the contact information you add. Regularly check your messages and emails.

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Published by: Admin Officer on Apr 10, 2019