Why attitude is so important when it comes to temp roles

Although a role might be temporary, it is important to have a good attitude and showcase your talents to the employer. Most employers are looking for staff with good attitudes and work ethic so if you can showcase this in your temp assignment you have a much better chance of impressing and perhaps landing a permanent role, now or in the future.

Some tips to help you with your temp roles:

  • Have a good attitude

You should always aim to perform your duties well and establish a professional relationship with others by demonstrating integrity, being punctual, being a team player, thinking outside the box, having a 'can do' attitude, showing stability and consistent work performance, and treating each temporary assignment like a permanent position. A good attitude can make a huge difference to future temp roles.

  • Have a good mindset

Like any new job, the first day as a temp on a new assignment is usually the hardest. Once you start work, you're likely to be given a specific task to accomplish, some instructions and a communal workspace. Don't be surprised if you are ignored by most of your co-workers as you are often viewed as the outsider.

  • Don’t walk off the job

If you don’t like the placement or feel the pay is too low don’t just walk out. This will leave a very and impression on the employer and the agency who placed you and you will unlikely work for either again. You are better to let your agency know so they can find a replacement. Not only will your diligence prove to the agency that you're a dependable worker, but it may also prompt them to find you a more fitting position.

  • Be flexible

On average, not many people temp for long, however, many people use temporary work as a bridge to permanent employment. Due to the nature of temping, one day you're working, the next day you're not and there can be some anxiety around the inconsistent salary. If you are called up last minute to do a job, make the most of your opportunity and ditch the beach with your friends for work. The more available and reliable you are, the more you will get called on to work.

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Published by: Admin Officer on Feb 14, 2018