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How to fix your short term jobs-filled resume

Admin Officer Feb 26, 2019

There are times when you need to take those short-term positions just to make ends meet, but then you later feel like you can no longer get back to a full-time or permanent employment. Employers would think that you are a job-hopper who just can’t keep a job for a long time. According to a study, five or more job changes within ten years trigger managers to raise the red flag. In the view of managers, the economy’s downturn causes disruptions for employees. They can only understand ...

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Ways to Find Jobs That are Currently Hiring

Admin Officer Feb 11, 2019

When it comes to finding jobs that are hiring, the Internet has made things easier for us. All we have to do is to go online and do the job search to find companies that are currently looking for candidates. From that alone, we can gain a lot of results in just a couple of seconds. Compared to doing it through traditional methods such as in newspapers, job listings online contain information that is more detailed, citing about the job and the company that posted it. Sometimes, they also contain ...

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Creative Strategies to Find a Job Online

Admin Officer Feb 11, 2019

One of the many methods that most job hunters prefer doing is searching for job opportunities online. However, given that there are various ways an online job search can be done, it is not guaranteed that all will work out right. The success of the techniques depends on how they were implemented. Be in-the-know of some of the many creative ways to find a job online. Start with Google It’s a fact that anything can be found just by searching on Google, and that includes jobs. Let’s ...

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How to Make Online Job Search Simple

Admin Officer Jan 24, 2019

Nowadays, the easiest way to find a job effectively is to make searches online. Online job search sites provide an extensive array of job opportunities for unemployed individuals who are looking for part-time or full-time employment. Such sites are the best platforms to begin a job search online as they are being used by employers to post job openings or search for staff. If it’s your first time to find jobs online, these tips might of great help to make your online job search simple. ...

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Alternative Options to Consider When Your Short-Term Job Ends

Admin Officer Jan 16, 2019

Your current contract is coming to an end. Do you have alternative jobs to transfer to? It’s okay to believe that things will turn up, but what if they won’t? The best solution is to start developing several options and have them available by a specific date. This is to ensure that you will have multiple choices in case you fail in securing a job. If you are working on a contract-based job, obviously, you have a lot of options. You just need to find the job that fits with your skill...

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Tips on How to Find Jobs Effectively

Admin Officer Jan 8, 2019

The whole job search process has become a bit stale, especially for those professionals who have been looking for jobs for many months already. They spend a lot of hours browsing on job search websites but receive little to no feedback. Being unemployed for months sure is frustrating. That’s when job seekers begin to question their career choices, professional skills, experience and qualifications, and even their education. Little do they know that they are not the only people suffering ...

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How to Manage the Feeling of Defeat After Failing to Find a Job

Admin Officer Dec 28, 2018

Can’t accept that you’re still unemployed? Finding the right job has become difficult nowadays, especially when the economic condition of the country’s job market is not getting any better. You have gone through various job interviews, but it seemed like no one is interested in hiring you. No matter how updated your resume or perfect your cover letter is, you are still having a hard time getting hired. As frustrating as it is, there are ways that you can deal with it and move ...

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Effective Ways to Search Jobs Online

Admin Officer Dec 22, 2018

It pays to stay current on the latest search tactics and tools when searching for a job online. Learning how to make use of them will help job seekers boost their chances of getting interviews. So, what are these effective ways to successfully do an online job search? Make a connection If you find an ad that lists a hiring contact, research the background of that person. You might have a special connection with him or her like you came from the same college or belonged to the same organisation...

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How to Explain Your Short Term Jobs

Admin Officer Dec 14, 2018

Have you experienced getting hired, but soon after you regret taking the job? Sometimes, we end up with jobs that do not really fit our skills, and that we were only hired because the hiring manager may have misled us. There are instances when managers promise candidates excellent offers and benefits that don’t eventuate, just to get people hired. If you can no longer stand the job you didn’t expect to be doing, how are you going to explain your two or three-month term as an ...

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Top Reasons Why Fresh Graduates Need To Be Hired

Admin Officer Dec 7, 2018

Regarding hiring potential candidates, an experienced applicant will often need less training and can handle complex tasks. On the other hand, fresh graduates who are looking to find jobs don’t have the experience and can be a big challenge for a business. However, you can get a lot of benefits when you hire fresh graduate applicants. Saves money. The main reason why other businesses hire fresh grad applicants is they don’t ask that much. Compared to hiring the experienced ones, ...

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