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Alternative Options to Consider When Your Short-Term Job Ends

Admin Officer Jan 16, 2019

Your current contract is coming to an end. Do you have alternative jobs to transfer to? It’s okay to believe that things will turn up, but what if they won’t? The best solution is to start developing several options and have them available by a specific date. This is to ensure that you will have multiple choices in case you fail in securing a job. If you are working on a contract-based job, obviously, you have a lot of options. You just need to find the job that fits with your skill...

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Tips on How to Find Jobs Effectively

Admin Officer Jan 8, 2019

The whole job search process has become a bit stale, especially for those professionals who have been looking for jobs for many months already. They spend a lot of hours browsing on job search websites but receive little to no feedback. Being unemployed for months sure is frustrating. That’s when job seekers begin to question their career choices, professional skills, experience and qualifications, and even their education. Little do they know that they are not the only people suffering ...

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How to Manage the Feeling of Defeat After Failing to Find a Job

Admin Officer Dec 28, 2018

Can’t accept that you’re still unemployed? Finding the right job has become difficult nowadays, especially when the economic condition of the country’s job market is not getting any better. You have gone through various job interviews, but it seemed like no one is interested in hiring you. No matter how updated your resume or perfect your cover letter is, you are still having a hard time getting hired. As frustrating as it is, there are ways that you can deal with it and move ...

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Effective Ways to Search Jobs Online

Admin Officer Dec 22, 2018

It pays to stay current on the latest search tactics and tools when searching for a job online. Learning how to make use of them will help job seekers boost their chances of getting interviews. So, what are these effective ways to successfully do an online job search? Make a connection If you find an ad that lists a hiring contact, research the background of that person. You might have a special connection with him or her like you came from the same college or belonged to the same organisation...

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How to Explain Your Short Term Jobs

Admin Officer Dec 14, 2018

Have you experienced getting hired, but soon after you regret taking the job? Sometimes, we end up with jobs that do not really fit our skills, and that we were only hired because the hiring manager may have misled us. There are instances when managers promise candidates excellent offers and benefits that don’t eventuate, just to get people hired. If you can no longer stand the job you didn’t expect to be doing, how are you going to explain your two or three-month term as an ...

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Top Reasons Why Fresh Graduates Need To Be Hired

Admin Officer Dec 7, 2018

Regarding hiring potential candidates, an experienced applicant will often need less training and can handle complex tasks. On the other hand, fresh graduates who are looking to find jobs don’t have the experience and can be a big challenge for a business. However, you can get a lot of benefits when you hire fresh graduate applicants. Saves money. The main reason why other businesses hire fresh grad applicants is they don’t ask that much. Compared to hiring the experienced ones, ...

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Top Reasons Why Your Employees Quit Their Jobs

Admin Officer Nov 28, 2018

Employees have many reasons why they quit their job. They might be stressed, tired, want to stay home with their children, go back to school, or simply change careers. Employers sometimes find it difficult to address these reasons as various life events happen in each employee’s life. Engaging in an online job search is also a sign of an employee quitting their job. Here are the top reasons why employees resign from their jobs: Conflict with a boss. An employee doesn’t need to be ...

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How to Positively Address Short-term Jobs to Interviewers

Admin Officer Nov 22, 2018

What employers usually do when scanning the resume of a candidate is to examine the job history and review the length of time spent at each of the listed positions. Given that the average job tenure is four years, if found that your resume includes a series of jobs that only lasted less than a year, employers will think that you are an uncommitted job seeker. This will cause you trouble as it will make a bad impact on your job hunting. Learn that there are ways of turning your negative job ...

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Factors that Influence the Success of a Job Application

Admin Officer Nov 14, 2018

Have you been job seeking for a while now? It’s ironic how employers still report struggles in filling positions due to the shortage of talents, but still, you are not hired for a job. With this, you can’t help but wonder why it is hard to find a work when employers are actually in need of new employees. Typicall y, there are three factors that are at play as to why it is hard on your part to land a job. Have a look at them below. Your application and job search practices are ...

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Ultimate Tips for Finding Your Perfect Job in Australia

Admin Officer Nov 7, 2018

Whether you are looking for your first job or planning to change career, looking for a job in Australia can be challenging. Many employment agencies in Australia offer specific jobs that will help you in applying for your ideal job. However, you need to consider these tips to increase your chances of getting hired. Research Be fore applying for a job, you should list your prospective companies first. You can write down all your ideal companies if you have many options. You can use the internet...

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